Posted on July 27, 2015

The next in my series of “apps that I’m currently loving” is IFTTT

IFTT stands for If This Then That, and the name tells you everything you need to know about what this service does. It’s an automation tool that lets you build rules for doing something.

The building blocks of the service are ‘channels’ which are basically the all the services that IFTTT knows how to talk to. Each channel has a list of available triggers (the “If This” part) and a list of available actions (the “Then That” part.) You use these building blocks to put together ‘recipes’ that get run automatically.

I’d been using IFTTT for a while to back up my Fitbit data to Google Drive, but a new channel came out two weeks ago that made me fall in love with the service all over again.

IFTTT launched the Wikipedia Channel which has a trigger for the Wikipedia Article of the Day. IFTTT also supports Pocket, so I now have a recipe that automatically pushes the article of the day into my Pocket account.

I get home from work, open my tablet and there’s an interesting Wikipedia article waiting for me. Neat.

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